Sacred Sunday: Food as a Sacred Act Disco Soup


As part of the Spiritual Ecology Fellowship programme, I co-organised Sacred Sunday: Food as a Sacred Act Disco Soup at the Skip Garden, London, May 2017.

Over the course of the day, around 100 people joined this Sacred Sunday at the Skip Garden. The theme was Food and Farming as a Sacred Act and throughout the day were workshops, meditations, movement practices inspired by the principles of spiritual ecology. We invited people to explore how to bring a level of intention into how we grow, harvest, cook and eat our food. It was be an opportunity to bring together food growers and city dwellers of all ages to celebrate and feast on food that would otherwise go to waste, plant and envision with intention, and engage in dialogue around the theme of food, farming and spirituality.

This Disco Soup was free for all and activities and the panel discussions were donation based.

The programme

GROUP MEDITATION: This involved a centering prayer, some breath work and a guided meditation. We invited people to set intentions for the day, to leave our ‘worldly life’ at the door and enter into a space of conscious action and purposeful intention).

SACRED GROWING, SACRED HARVESTING and CONNECTING WITH OUR FOOD: The disco soup was an opportunity to cook together and to eat together using food which would have otherwise been wasted. Running alongside was a sacred growing workshop exploring the theme of planting with intention, a sacred harvesting session, and other creative activities.

SACRED EATING: Together we enjoyed a delicious feast made at the Disco Soup. There was an invitation to connect with the food we are eating, punctuated by short meditations and giving thanks throughout the meal, offering gratitude and practicing mindfulness when eating.

PANEL DISCUSSION AND WORKSHOP: This was fascinating! We delved into some crucial questions around spirituality, food and farming, asking: do you feel you are connected to your food? do you feel you can love something and still eat it? has food ever been a spiritual experience for you?



Future plans for Sacred Sundays… 

Since moving to South West Wales in mid 2017, I plan to co-organise more Sacred Sundays not just around the theme of farming, but more broadly around our place in the natural world and how we choose to steward it. This will be done through a series of land-based movement practices as well as yoga (see Nessie Reid yoga).

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